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I don't know where these guests have been getting off lately...

Friday night was "Out at Night at Great Adventure"... affectionately known as "Gay Day." I didn't care. It was a buyout. 6 to midnight for 2700 gay people to enjoy the park. It was actually a great night. Slow. But great. The guests treated us like human beings. They were nice to us. They actually called us by our names, and not to use "fuck" with it... or to threaten us.

Then last night... I can't tell you how many times I was called a bitch (plus other choice phrases), I had a bag of tokens kicked over and then the guest walked away laughing (I work in an arcade), my area had 3 10-17's (guest complaints) 2 sig-22a (fights, including one who threatened an employee) and 1 sig-37 code 1 (first aid calls) where the girl wound up getting taken out on a backboard (from my arcade, nonetheless). Quite honestly, I would rather have a buyout every night for the rest of the year and only get 6.5 hours and deal with 2.7 thousand people in the park, than deal with the assholes of last night. Who the fuck do they think they are?! Why do they think that we deserve less treatment than they do? Do they think we are like the rides - That we are machines?! I found myself in the backroom twice last night crying. I read the SOW of the woman who saw the little girl fall last night. She claimed I cleaned the water up the girl slipped on after she slipped. I did no such thing! I brought paper towels over to offer them to the little girl because she was being a little drama queen and wouldn't stop crying. ARG!!!!!!!

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