A delirious dipsomaniac (cdrascal) wrote in sixflags,
A delirious dipsomaniac

Freeze Sucks

Tonight was a once in a season event! Mr. Freeze volleyed. Basically on Mr. freeze don’t you know how it has the flip at the beginning, then the big turn? Well something happened and it didn’t have enough power to make it up the flip thing going backwards, so it got stuck between that and the turn.


the valley on the left side is where it got stuck at.

What sucks about it is that this happened at 9:00. The train continued to rock back and forth till about 9:30. Once it stopped, they had to drain Thunder River, remove the logs that make the waves, drive a crane down there and up onto the island, then one at a time unload the people. When I got off at 11 the crane was just getting set up to get the people. That’s 2 hours of being stuck in a seat. Sucks for them, but damn if it didn’t look cool. It became this giant event. Rides were running Mr. Freeze breaks so that everyone could go see it.

Poor people. but oh well, we all got a break to see it that didn't count against us, plus we all got a good laugh. one of my friends was in the park last night with a camra and took some pics hopefully they came out :)
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