ruby_hk (ruby_hk) wrote in sixflags,

Putting it down for the STL

Hey ya'll

My name is Ilia and I work at SF over St Louis. I'm a managerial supervisor in the Merch department. I just got my 5 years of service pin this year, or should I say 5 years of insanity pin. I've heard by rumor that we're one of the lowest paid parks in the system. Black tags start at 5.25. What's ya'lls pay rates ?

My job is ok. Sometimes it's good sometimes it's bad. My biggest problem is some of my employees are just soooooooo lazy. Like Sunday night me and a friend stayed till 12:30 cleaning/redoing displays in one of my stores, and I come in today and the closing lead didn't clean at all, it was a complete mess. So pretty much half the shit we did was for nothing. Oh well. I stay mostly because all my friends including my boyfriend work there. Oh and the special events rock :)
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